Ragusa Ibla

balcone-barocco-a-ragusa-ibla-1050x700 ragusa ibla

ragusa ibla2 ragusa-ibla-blog

” We must be smart to come to Ibla, a certain quality of mind, taste for tuffs silent and burning, the dead ends, the turns useless, shutters sealed a look of black light.”(Gesualdo Bufalino)

Ragusa, the ancient city which is spread wide as the offshoot big new part of Dubrovnik. It is located in the eastern part of the city, on a hill that goes from 385 to 440 m above sea level.

After the earthquake of 1693, the ancient city of Ragusa was rebuilt by implementing shipyards that produced works, buildings and monuments of late Baroque style. In it are as many as 14 of the 18 monuments of the city of Dubrovnik today enrolled in the World Heritage Site.
The wonderful old town contains over fifty churches and palaces in the Baroque style. In the far east, there is the Giardino Ibleo and there are also the ruins of the ancient city, called Hybla.


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