The Artist


Angela Matera (1978, Siracusa, Italy) is an artist, illustrator and printmaker who lives between Berlin and Siracusa. Since 2002 she has been running in Siracusa her Studio/Gallery ‘L’Arte…Per Inciso‘ where she sells her works and teaches printmaking techniques. Over the years she has collaborated with several printmaking studios in Australia, Amsterdam and Berlin. Her works have been presented in collective shows and solo shows around the world (Paris, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Firenze, Berlin,Siracusa)

“My works are born from a photographic image search, people, moments, landscapes, plants that attract my attention, arousing emotions that then rework affecting the glass or by painting on the canvas, and sometimes experiencing the connection between the two techniques “.

“The art, as an expression of beauty and at the same time as a serious tool studio finds its full realization in the prints and paintings by the artist Angela Siracusa Matera, which seems to affect the sheets and paint canvases with firm conviction not so much to capture a moment, as a condition of the spirit. “

“Etchings and aquatint on zinc, drypoint on plexiglass, Collagraph, collage, acrylic and oil on canvas … all the works that are born from one of my great love for this land and the desire to contribute to preserving a rich legacy for future generations.”

Angela Matera’s current body of work explores representations of women in visual culture. Matera is currently working on large paintings and mixed-media works in which can be reinterpret as the classic iconography of female protagonists but particularly the biblical figure of Salomè – a symbol of female sensuality, malice, and deviousness within the imagery from the pin-up culture of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Matera’s draws inspiration comes from posters, fashion and interior design. Her interest in such aesthetic connects to the interest in social milieu particularly characterized by impulses of social ferment and change. Moreover,a general and drastic re-evaluation of the role of women after many years of conservatism is presented.

Since few years the artist likes the idea of sharing with other people her beautiful country house in Noto Antica where she makes the printmaking courses combined with excellent typical lunches and cultural trips!