“Infiorata” NOTO 12-15 May

There are N°4 places left in the group “Articily” 11th to 18th May !!

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During this week you will have the privilege to witness to the wonderful “Infiorata” in Noto !!

Every year the third Sunday of May is dedicated to the “INFIORATA” event in the city of Noto. The event began thirty-seven years ago by a group of artists “infioratori” from Noto and Genzano, and it is precisely in the town of Genzano, in the province of Rome, which develops this new painting technique. Via Corrado Nicolaci (Noto) is the street where does the “Infiorata”, the impact is strong, top Montevergini Church as opposed to the Prince’s palace Nicolaci “Villa Dorata”, with balconies that have been defined by many the most beautiful of the world.

Today the “Infiorata” of Noto is considered among the most beautiful events of the entire Island.


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