Vendicari – Nature Reserve

During our “Creative Holidays” we’ll spend half a day in this beautiful nature reserve:

Located along Sicily’s Ionian coast south of Siracusa between Noto and Marzamemi, Vendicari is Europe’s southernmost marshland, a protected reserve covering an extensive area. There are some old structures in the area, such as a late-medieval watch tower and ancient Greek and Roman archaeological sites, but since 1984 building has been prohibited on the private property bordering the preserve. Vendicari is great for hiking and exploring, and there’s also a beach. For the most part, the terrain consists of marshes and lagoons.

Among the animal life is the wild hare, an occasional fox, pond turtle, hedgehogs, various frogs, owls, black cormorants and a great number of local and migratory birds, particularly various ducks, herons, flamingos, marsh harriers and storks, for which Vendicari is a breeding ground.




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